Supply Chain Consultants

Knowledgeable Consultants

Our consulting services will analyze the current state of your data and identify where the gaps and inefficiencies are. Then we will collaborate on a strategy that corrects these data gaps.

The end result is clean, structured data that will give your company the visibility to make informed business decisions as well as prevent costly mistakes.

The world of data is complex, but our combined decades of experience enable us to untangle any knots to streamline your business processes and ensure consistency in your data.

Supply Chain Management Consulting

Consulting Across the Supply Chain

System Implementation and Optimization

Whether its a new ERP, a purchasing system or even a desktop platform switch, let us help with system
implementation and optimization.

Policy and Procedure Development

With a new system come new procedural challenges and with old systems come old inefficient procedures. Get
 a fresh perspective and years of knowledge on your team before you finalize your newest procedures.

Continuous Improvement

How can your business continue its growth? With commitment to continuous improvement processes. Our staff
 is trained in Lean Manufacturing and the CEO is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.  Find out how QuadraDot can
 help your business cut down on surplus product and warehousing, streamline logistics and more.

Data Analysis

Data is growing by the minute. Leveraging data can help a company find gaps in production and streamline processes
but bad or mismanaged data can do just as much harm. Whether master data, material inventory or accounting data, QuadraDot can help your company’s data work for you instead of the other way around.

Process Optimization and Implementation

Optimize your business processes to streamline workflow and save time and money. Our Six-Sigma Black-Belt-led
 team can help streamline manufacturing processes leading to lean, efficient operations.

Data Entry

Data Expert

Project Manager

Custom Team

Enterprise Resource Planing Software

Granite Softwate

Granite Material Masters

Look to the QuadraDot solution for bad data produced by ERP system limitations: Granite Material Masters™ software. Our scalable software can create a company-wide solution for any business, building Material Masters that are standardized, initiating a hierarchy of the data in such a way that all company stakeholders are satisfied.