Data governance is the overall management structure of an enterprise’s data that establishes and maintains high quality data throughout multiple platforms of a business. It is responsible for the usability, cleanliness, and security of all data – ranging from customer relations, vendors, inventory, accounting, and supply chain management. A properly set up system of data governance allows you to engage in effective and necessary data management strategy, that will result in maximum profits and better decisions from staff.

If implemented properly, data has the potential to elevate your business to the next level, it provides concrete statistical information that will back up an appropriate course of action, rather than a gut feeling; therefore, it is crucial to have a clear, well organized governing structure of data.

Data governance establishes a structured body of data analysts, who are responsible for maintaining the completeness, accessibility, and cleanliness of an organization’s data. When concise, constant and easily accessible data is present for all staff members, employees can perform their job at a much higher level.

Your business can take advantage of the data governance process, generating correct information to transform and sharpen decision making, resulting in vital business benefits such as:

  • Increased inflow of customers
  • Improved Customer Relations
  • Streamlined Marketing Campaigns
  • Effective Social Media Campaigns
  • Prediction of Sales Trends
  • Decreased Regulatory Fines
  • Maximized Income Generation
  • Improved Data Security
  • Cut Wastes of Time & Resources

QuadraDot’s Granite Software removes the difficulties of maintaining data governance as it applies to material master data. Once the rules have been made, Granite Software prevents data from being entered improperly, enforcing the data governance strategy.