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Implications of Failing to Create Good Material Masters

Is your company struggling with duplicate purchases, increased purchase order costs, limited spend capability, or perhaps grappling with the impaired ability to locate inventory items? If so, you may be unaware that many of these issues stem from bad data almost invisibly embedded in your material masters. What’s worse, as time goes by the problem only increases in both scope and size unless something is done to restore your material masters to unspoiled condition. Fortunately, with help from QuadraDot’s Granite Material Masters™ software it’s possible to untangle the Gordian Knot of bad master data and transform it into an asset [...]

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What’s the BIG DEAL about Master Data?

What’s the big deal about Master Data? It’s really no secret that master data is a key component to building a lean, efficient process-driven Supply Chain organization. But what remains elusive to many businesses is how to effectively manage their data given that there are multiple stakeholders who are accessing and inputting the data in ways that, unfortunately, aren’t always congruent throughout the company. The result: bad data. • Businesses struggle with organizing Material Master data. • Once organized, the challenge become Maintaining structured data. • Employees are frustrated. Time is lost. Business decisions are compromised.   Inaccurate and redundant [...]

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