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Supply Chain and Logistics Overview

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A supply chain represents the life cycle of a product between its point of origin and the point of consumption in the market. It is responsible for ventures such as operations, purchasing, manufacturing, transportation, warehouse and distribution centers. Supply chain encompasses the planning and management of sourcing, procurement, and conversion of a product as it makes its way to the consumer, thus Supply Chain Management is a complex process that is vital for any business operation that wants to turn a healthy profit.Delivering a finished product to the shelves of a retail store isn't an undemanding process. In the early [...]

What is the UNSPSC?

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The United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) is a system which is used to classify all products and services around the world. It is a taxonomy structure that is widely considered the standard for today's modern world of eCommerce. This allows products and services to be classified more efficiently and accurately. By implementing the UNSPSC structure, your business is able to improve company wide spend, deliver procurement cost effectiveness, and reduce company costs all together.The UNSPSC classifies products and services in a hierarchical system, dividing them into four common tiers which pave the way for eCommerce. The groupings [...]