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QuadraDot Solutions started out as a solution to a problem. Over the years, our team members were regularly being retained as consultants to help clean up and apply structure to the master data of various companies. After determining the scope of the project, we tried to find a third-party software vendor who could provide comprehensive solutions to the problems we were trying to solve.

After struggling with the same problem for years and finding few solutions available, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Recognizing a gap in the market, we created QuadraDot Solutions to help our clients establish solid data governance for their Material Masters. Data governance is critical for maintaining data quality over time. It is a framework of capabilities that, when executed, help maintain data that is accurate and consistent and remains that way.

While data cleansing alone initially improves data quality, it rapidly deteriorates over time, requiring additional resources and efforts to restore it to acceptable standards. Therefore, a solid data governance plan is so important. QuadraDot Solutions creates a data governance plan that ensures company data is not only clean but will remain so for many years to come. No half-measures here. Our team of 30+ year data governance veterans and young data professionals allows us to attack and solve problems from different perspectives.

QuadraDot Solutions streamlines and simplifies the traditionally time-consuming and complex task of taxonomy (a classification into ordered categories) by creating and managing complex naming structures and sustainable master data through the utilization of our smart software tools.

Our QuadraDot Software is a customizable, cloud-based solution built on the AWS Platform, easily integrating into your business processes. It replaces bulky spreadsheets and manual systems, while bringing all your material master data into one place.

Our software is system agnostic: it works alongside any software that you already use. This makes QuadraDot Solutions the perfect fit to getting started or for cleaning up and fixing your data. Help ensure a smooth transition from any existing system, to any new or future system.

Our consulting division assists your organization with rule creation for new data and enrichment of existing data. We develop customized data governance programs which include loading of data into current systems and providing processes for future data sustainability.

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